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Just when you thought all of your integration challenges were met, along comes the cloud to make things interesting (yet again). Now you need to integrate on-premises processes and services with those in the cloud. And, your traditional Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool that solved all your integration needs of the past doesn’t have the cloud capabilities you need.

We don’t want you to throw away everything you’ve built. You can still keep that EAI you invested time and money in while moving workflow to the cloud. Here’s how:

How can I keep my existing EAI and adopt cloud?

Consider solutions like TIBCO Cloud™ Integration. With it, you can seamlessly connect cloud-based services and on-premise applications, and easily model, create, test, and deploy custom APIs. The many benefits of adopting a product like TIBCO Cloud Integration include:

You (or your team members), with little to no programming experience, can start cloud projects in minutes and eliminate the need to wait for IT to complete long, drawn-out projects. And, you don’t have to make a massive capital investment up-front like you did for your original integration system—TIBCO Cloud Integration uses a subscription model so you only pay for what you use. Win!

What are my options for moving to cloud?

TIBCO Cloud Integration empowers you to become an  agile organization as early as today. One of the best things about TIBCO Cloud Integration is that it gets updated on a regular basis.  To find the latest functionality available, bookmark our documentation here.

Move your apps on a case-by-case basis to the cloud, or work with one of our cloud experts to choose the most relevant, easiest path to the cloud for your company. And, with continuous integration, TIBCO Cloud Integration can integrate new functionality into existing or new business processes. So, don’t worry about where you are in your venture to the cloud.

We can get you there no matter what your situation. Ready to go? Test drive your 30-day trial here.


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