Nigeria's independence the journey of 58years by abazie kene

Nigeria's independence the journey of 58years by abazie keneNigeria’s Independence; The Journey of 58 Years.

Growing up as a young man and listening to the tales by moon lights of the elders and how they were ushered into independence years ago, fifty-eight years ago to be precised, from the colonial masters, gave me hope of the future and bitter feeling of how far we have gone in 5 decades and eight years. Fifty-eight years ago, marked a smooth transition of administration from the Europeans to Nigerians. On that day, people danced, sang songs of praise, people had tears of joy. Dreamers dreamt, Visions were seen, prophets prophesied and they all hoped for how far and great Nigeria would be after gaining independence.

Funny enough how these were nothing but mere plans and wishes. Why? Because, we had no plan. “a dream without a plan is a wish”. we had no plan. We had no fundamental target, no aim, no short and long-term goals, we simply moved with the wind. Yes, we wanted a better Nigeria, yet we didn’t know how to make a better Nigeria. We always said tomorrow will be better than today, yet we never worked towards a better tomorrow today. It’s funny how we pray for Nigeria throughout the night and fold our arms in the day time. Is Jesus going to come and build roads and basic amenities for us?

Fifty-Eight years passed on like 58 minutes, without taking a reflection on the past and seeing how far we have gone. In the past fifty-eight years Nigeria has had, 13 individuals rule her, out of which eight were military heads of states who ruled for a total of 28years and 349days. With the exceptions of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and President Muhammadu Buhari, who ruled as military leaders, five others have ruled as civilian leaders.

In Fifty-Eight years Nigeria has been battling the same problems without much positive results. These are Problems ranging from Corruption, Unemployment, lack of basic Amenities, Insurgencies and crises (Bokko-Haram, Herds Men, Naija Delta militants etc), Monopolistic economy (focusing mainly on Petroleum Resources), and many more. The list can go on and on to show how static we are.

UNITY & FAITH, PEACE & PROGRESS, these are the words on our very own coats of arm. Are we UNITED? Do we act in good FAITH towards one another? Are we agents of PEACE? Do we support PROGRESS?.

According to Senator Iyorchia Ayu, President of the Senate in the Third Republic, Nigeria needs a digital Leader.

Who is a DIGITAL leader?

A digital leader is somebody who is forwards-looking, contemporary, understands the issues, has the capability, and is well trained. He will see Nigeria as his own constituency not just his village. He is somebody who can bring about progress and is knowledgeable enough as to when to take several decisions.

My Digital leader is someone who wants progress, a corrupt free and selfless leader. When I mean progress, I mean an “L” shaped progress. An “L” shaped Progress is a two-phase progress. Vertical progress which implies to doing new things which has to do with manufacturing, creating, and bringing about new developments. Now, Horizontal progress is about improving on what is already existing.

The mantle doesn’t just rest on the leader but also on the citizens. The key words on our coats of arms should be a guiding principle and a driving force in our daily activities. We need to wake up and understand that we practice a democratic government which is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Things may not work today but steadily things will work out soon if we work things out.

As we celebrate Independence today even in the midst of all these political and economic quagmire, lets focus on where we are heading to and be more focused and committed to build and restore our great Nation.

Happy Independence Day!

Abazie kenechukwu C.
200 level,
College of Law,
Redeemer’s University Ede,
Osun State.


    • yh we have to pray.
      But it can’t work by mere prayers alone if good people will not go into politics but will often times stay far away to criticize those in power.

    • Abdazeez power is dominated in the north and shared only with the southern people while the eastern part of Nigeria remains dormant like there are no politicians there worth electing as a president of Nigeria, seems those from the eastern part are still suffering from the post Nigeria Biafra civil war

      We don’t want prayers we want restructuring which is also part of independence

  1. Yeah, I agree with you that we need a digital (youth) leader. We have been failed many a times by our elders who circulate powers among themselves. We need our voice to be heard by someone like Fela Durotoye. He is a man of vision and I’m quite sure he’ll deliver beyond expectations. God bless Nigeria.

    • Exactly, but funny enough you know the way our politics is being played here in Nigeria.
      Whereby if you are not on the side of the heavy weight’s you can’t secure a post. heavy weight’s in the likes of jagaban(Tinubu), OBJ, etc.

      We haven’t really started practicing adequate democracy and until we do so we’ll still complain. how many youths even have a PVC currently?
      the percentage is little.

  2. Prayers Alone Can’t change Nigerian problems

    If our leaders will be disciplined, the Masses must change I always disagree With the saying that change begin with you.

    If change begin with me why are you my head ? Are you not there to guard and direct me?

    • Hmmmmm.
      can Nigeria bear it if Biafra goes?
      Nigeria’s main income generating resource is petroleum resources and I know where it is is part of Biafra..

      I’m not declining to Biafra’s idea too cos IBO’s have been tru a lot.


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